Silver Cabinet

The Silver Cabinet offers to view about 300 most valuable objects of the Museum precious metals collection, mostly outstanding masterpieces of applied arts.

The most valuable part of the collection comprises rarities, such as objects made by the masters of the Riga Goldsmiths’ guild in the 17th–20th cent. Among them a special place is given to the guilds’ objects: special ritual welcome cups (Willkomm) – the most ornate and important piece of every guild. Church silver by Riga’s masters is represented by crucifixes, Holy Communion cups, ciboria and offertory vessels. The name of the conic drinking cups, “Russian hats”, has preserved the wonder of Riga’s inhabitants at the headdresses of Russian merchants. On display at the Cabinet is the table silver by Riga’s masters, in everyday use since the 18th century.

The 19th century silver of foreign make had been in possession of various organisations or outstanding persons, and has a link to social events in Riga.

The Silver Cabinet displays also works of silversmiths that were made during the first independence period of Latvia (1918–1940), as well as relics from Latvians in exile.