Used in Riga. Second half of the 19th cent. – 1918

The rapid development of technologies in the 19th century and the early 20th century contributed to the development of industry and trade in Riga. As a result of the economic boom, changes took place in the urban environment and the inhabitants everyday life: new types of lighting and transport appeared, the water supply and sewerage systems were reconstructed.

As the standard of living grew, the demand for consumer goods grew as well, facilitating mass production of goods: bicycles, cars, porcelain and glassware, household appliances, etc. Modernization of technologies radically changed peoples thinking and behaviour, also peoples concept of leisure, ones health and hygiene. The things that inhabitants of Riga used on everyday basis were produced in Riga and elsewhere in Europe as well as in the Russian Empire, and even in the United States, available in many shops in Riga.