Legends of Riga

Riga, like other Latvian cities, is rich in legends about various miraculous events, people, places and things.

The Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation has preserved evidence of Riga’s legends and wonders, the brightest of which is the story of the Big Kristaps, the legendary Float Bridge, the pair of boots lost by King Charles XII of Sweden, the magic Riga Black Balsam, unique wooden dolls – military drummers and the formidable job of the Riga executioner.

We offer travelling exhibitions for schools, museums, libraries and other interested parties.

Exhibition display: 7 mobile Classic Roll-Up banner stands.

Transportation: 7 cases. Transportation from and to the Museum is arranged by the client of the service.

Booking and additional information: tālr.: (+371) 67356676; (+371) 29128600