Riga History: Riga – Capital City of the Republic of Latvia (1918–1940)

The proclamation of the independent Republic of Latvia on 18 November 1918 introduced a new stage in the history of the city. After the Liberation fights (1918–1920) the reconstruction of the city and the formation of the new state started. Officially, it was only in 1931 that Riga was granted the status of the capital city of the Latvian State; however, all throughout the independence period, the city had been the most important socio-political, economic and cultural centre in Latvia. Nearly all of Latvia’s industry was concentrated in Riga; housing construction and building of significant public buildings boomed; remarkable memorials were created with people’s support. The rapid development was interrupted by Soviet occupation in 1940.

The exhibition offers to view memorial objects that had belonged to the statesmen and noteworthy citizens of the first Latvian State; local produce which had won international acclaim; documents, awards, original works of artists and other originals – all together more than one thousand historical and cultural evidence of Riga and its citizens.