Riga Photography Biennial – NEXT 2021 publication available in the museum

The Riga Photography Biennial – NEXT 2021 publication explores the digital environment’s impact on contemporary photographic practices and offers a deeper insight into the Biennial’s events. Writer, educator and photographer Jörg Colberg examines the way in which the guidelines of the popular photography-based social media platform Instagram are set up and carried out and how that might lead to an impoverished reality based on very limited ideas and notions. The catalogue exhibition Your Post Has Been Removed, Your Account May Be Deleted curated by artist, writer and curator Evita Goze features diverse work by ten artists which has been removed from their Instagram accounts for violating the rules. Curator and writer Šelda Puķīte introduces the winner of the Seeking the Latest in Photography! Award 2021 Lithuanian photographer Visvaldas Morkevičius. Artist and writer Ieva Raudsepa interviews art patron Vita Liberte. The generously illustrated publication also provides more information on the Biennial’s exhibitions, events and artists.

Editor: Evita Goze (LV)
Design: Līga Spunde (LV)
Texts by: Jörg Colberg (DE/US), Aiga Dzalbe (LV), Evita Goze (LV), Zane Onckule (LV), Auguste Petre (LV), Tīna Pētersone (LV), Antra Priede (LV), Šelda Puķīte (LV/EE), Agnese Pundiņa (LV), Ieva Raudsepa (LV), Anete Skuja (LV)
Translations: Liāna Ivete Beņķe (LV), Liene Linde (LV)
Proofreading and Copyediting: Liāna Ivete Beņķe (LV), Ilze Jansone (LV)
Publisher: Riga Photography Biennial
Photo: Mārīte Lempa

Price 5€