Book “Latvian Photography 2020”

For the tenth year in a row, the publication has been promoting Latvian contemporary photography and this time combines six projects that could be viewed within the framework of the Riga Photo Month 2020. The key words of the festival and the book – lust, despair, dreams and death – performed by Pēteris Vīksna, Viktorija Paegle, Arnis Balčus, Ivars Grāvelējs, Vika Eksta and Elīna Semane.

Every year, FK’s print edition is a high-quality artistic product that regularly receives recognition in various design competitions, for example, last year’s yearbook won first place in the AdWords competition. This year, the artistic design was created by graphic designer Kirill Kirasirov, using origami in the cover design, which resembles a photographic sculpture. A limited number of works by Ivars Grāvelējs, specially designed for the edition, will also be available at the opening event.

Edition price: € 10

Pēteris Vīksna – A Fleeting Feeling
Viktorija Paegle – Boys
Vika Eksta – Drinking Determines Consciousness
Elīna Semane – Everything Is Shit Except The Piss
Ivars Grāvlejs – Latent Archive
Arnis Balčus – Baltic Way

Design – Kirils Kirasirovs

ISBN 978-9934-8754-2-7

96 pages, 194 X 280 mm, edition 333

Out 1 July 2020