Glass Sensation

The glass art exhibition “Glass Sensation” is available for viewing from October 6th to November 30th at the Menzendorff’s House (18 Grēcinieku Street, entrance from Kungu Street) in Riga. The exhibition will be opened on October 6th, 2023 at 17:00.


The exhibition will feature glass artworks created during the “Glass Sensation” project by ten of the most prominent Baltic glass artists. The project was realized with the support of the Latgale Cultural Program 2022 from the State Cultural Capital Foundation. Many participants of the “Glass Sensation” project have worked at the Livani Glass Factory from 1970 until its closure in 2008. These participants include Herberts Erbs, Aīda Rotčenkova, Ludmila Safronova, Dainis Gudovskis, Juris Dunovskis, Remigijus Krjukas, as well as artists from the Latvian glass art industry: Vineta Groza, Anna Heinsberga Varnase, Ieva Birģele, Baiba Dzenīte.


As a result of the synergy of collaboration in the “Glass Sensation” project, experience and flights of thought intertwined with the sense of glass and virtuoso craftsmanship. The newly created artworks complemented the collection of the Livani Glass and Crafts Center and serve as a continuation of the creation of a contemporary glass art collection. The tradition of creating glass artworks in Livani is unique, preservable, and will continue to be developed in the future!