Guided Tour

During a guided tour, visitors will gain insight into the origin of photography and the history of its development in Latvia from the 19th century until mid-20th century. Visitors will get acquianted with the activities of photographers in the territory of Latvia as well as the most important representatives of the industry and the production of the world-famous camera “Minox”.  Visitors will also have an opportunity to explore the principle of the camera obscura, stereoscopic images, and see original examples of the oldes photographs – daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and ferrotypes. During the guided tour, visitors can take photographs in front of the historical hand-painted studio backdrops.

We also offer our guests to take a look at the current temporary exhibiton of foreign or Latvian photographers in the museum’s salon and exhibition hall.

Duration of the tour: up to 60 minutes.

Guided tour price:
Price for the guided tour: in Latvian and for for grade 1 to 9 pupils in Russian – EUR 8,00; foreign language – EUR 12,00

Please book your guided tour in advance!

Entrance fee for 1 person:

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Latvian Museum of Photography offers to lease museum premises for various events – presentations, exhibitions, seminars and conferences.

Please apply for timely reservation of the venue by filling out an order form and coordinate the time of the event and the desired additional services with the museum’s staff!


Venue rent (1 hour) – EUR 20,00 (incl. VAT)

Venue rent for comertial purposes (1 hall for 1 month) – EUR 300,00 (incl. VAT)


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