Since 2003, the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation awards the Museum Friendís Card to supporters of the Museum for important contribution in the development of the Museum and its branch museums and for assistance in any field of the Museum activity.


Card No. 1
Marta Alberinga, art work collector

Card No. 2
Imants Lancmanis, Dr. sc. art., cultural worker

Card No. 3
Andris Caune, Dr. habil. hist., archaeologist

Card No. 4
Antons Ikaunieks, marine functionary

Card No. 5
Andris Lācis, local administration functionary

Card No. 6
Haralds Apogs, culture and marine functionary


Card No. 7
Dietrich Andreas Loeber, Dr. jur., patron of art

Card No. 8
Gaidis Andrejs Zeibots, Vice Admiral, military person

Card No. 9
Arnolds Grasis, museum activist

Card No. 10
Juris Galviņö, architect

Card No. 11
Gunārs Binde, photographer

Card No. 12
Igors Pavlovs, marine functionary


Card No. 13
Pēteris Blūms, architect

Card No. 14
Andrejs Skuja, museum activist

Card No. 15
Andris Kļaviņö, marine functionary

Card No. 16
Kārlis Rings, cultural worker

Card No. 17
Artūrs Snips, man of letters


Card No. 18
Ilga Zagorska, archaeologist

Card No. 19
Edgars äīns, entrepreneur


Card No.20
Sarmīte Sīle, scientist of art

Card No.21
Maija Dance, TV producer

Card No.22
Marita Ozoliņa Ė Tumanovska, marine functionary

Card No.23
Renāte Adolfi (Renate Adolpfi), Baltic german, museum activist

Card No.24
Pēteris Martinsons, artist of ceramics,  museum activist

Card No.25
Antons Vjaters, marine functionary


Card No. 26
Gunārs Armans, art historian, museum activist

Card No. 27
Imants Sarmulis, marine functionary